All good things……have a beginning.

All good things……have a beginning.
September 18, 2016 Project Equall

I would love to assert that the name was my brainchild. Alas the necessity for honesty dictates the credit for ‘Project Equall’ rests with the innovation of Nicky Hayer and Mark Bewick of NIMA, the former utlising her marketing nous and the latter responsible for the technological marvel that is the Project Equall website.

We are still within the embryonic period, the restlessness evident as we are about to embark on embracing new ideas, educating the misinformed and equalizing society.

All, however, with the same objectives as we did at CICI Equality – This to spread the egalitarian message and to aid, assist and empower the more marginalised and vulnerable sections of society.

Equality and its cornerstones should hold no fear for those secure in their identity and their capability for endeavour.

At one point in the not too distant past one form of prejudice, racism, was oft-defined as a ‘belief that one race is superior to another’. The merits of such a definition have become distant as we frequently see such coloured attitudes emanating from those who occupy the second bottom rung of the social ladder. The rationale accompanying such a mindset being that their lot in life is stifled by those below them, often the asylum seeker and economic migrant. The sadness in this is that it invariably creates community disharmony as the proles focus on ethnic and cultural difference as the affluency of those ascending the ladder is enhanced.

Project Equall believe in Equality, it is an arch-proponent of Equality of opportunity and, to that end, see our objectives, in part, as confronting the mental poverty that comes as a consequence of the visual and physical deprivation that so many have acclimatised in their everyday life.

We resolve to empower the socially disenfranchised as well as understanding that many a prejudiced attitude has been spawned from media manipulation, with this a greater confidence that we can challenge the thoughts whilst not always attaching blame to those who conform to the headline.

Whilst maintaining the same apolitical position as CICI Equality we can’t help but have concerns around the post-Brexit environment we now share.

Democracy won the day but whilst the recriminations ensue it is worth pointing out that we all have a social responsibility to ensure that all citizens, irrespective of protected characteristic or postcode, are entitled to pursue health, happiness and security.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Kieron Brady
Project Equall

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