Alcohol & Mental Health

Alcoholism, Alcohol Abuse & Alcohol Issues

Project Equall delivers training, education, consultancy and one on one provision around the issues of alcohol, alcohol abuse, alcoholism and mental illness.

Using a long term recovered alcoholic to provide assistance we can engender confidence in individuals who have concerns, as well as ensuring employers have a broader understanding around these areas which are so often subject to myth and misconception.

Our founder Kieron Brady, a sober alcoholic for over seven years, speaks publicly on these issues in addition to offering the Project Equall education and empowerment to both employers and employees.

The Numbers

It is estimated that there are between 1.5 million and 3.5 million alcoholics in the UK. The nature of the illness, allied with the perceived social stigma, means that many will be reluctant to seek medical assistance or group therapy.

Project Equall, through a long term recovered alcoholic and who has assisted people through alcoholic recovery, can provide training, consultancy and presentations around alcohol concerns within organisations and employers.

We believe that such individuals will almost always feel more confident about sharing their experiences with someone who understands the thought process and mindset of someone who drinks excessively, suffers through implications or is afflicted with the illness of alcoholism.

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